KDeloit – 5 stars by kd8867
The app takes what is a seemingly arduous and complicated task and flips it into something easy and fun. After using Quad2Quad, there’s one thing on my mind: bring on those campus tours! Highly recommend for students AND parents embarking on the college application process.

I am so excited to finally have an efficient way of planning for our multiple college trips. The Quad2Quad app will save me all of the steps of having to find multiple academic calendars, tour and info times, parking, maps, etc. This will make the road trip with multiple family members much more stress fee and fun! GREAT IDEA!

Just in time – 5 stars by happy Dad1
This app came just in time for our family. Planning trip to NESCAC schools next week. So grateful not to have to scrounge for the information.

Huge time saver! – 5 stars by mwinkler
My son is a rising high school senior and planning college visits has been like solving a rubics cube. From coordinating tour times to finding convenient parking, the whole process can be agonizing. Quad2Quad lays it all out in an easily accessible format. Plus organizing trips in a logical fashion is now a snap. Thank you for making this app available. I will be recommending to all my friends who are in the same boat!

What a Godsend – 4 stars by RMSump
A great tool to weed through all the mundane and make college visits fun and adventurous rather than stress.

Great app!!! – 4 stars by Tiggertoo21
Such an easy way to organize college trips for my junior looking at schools. Love the fact that we can write our own notes about the colleges when we visit them. Highly recommend it!!!!!!

Awesome application!! – 5 Stars by Laxgrl15
This application is amazing!!! Having all of the tour times and interview information already figured out makes things so much easier for my parents and me to plan our trip! Just in time for my college search. Great idea, thanks Quad2Quad!

So helpful! – 4 Stars by mac9166
I love this! Have been waiting for something just like it. I have 5 children 4 of whom will be going to college in the next 5 years. Can you add more schools? Thanks for what looks like a huge help in this endeavor.

West coast mom – 3 stars by wastcm
I wish this app had more schools on the west coast! My son wants to look at schools from San Francisco to Los Angeles – if only!

Happy Mom – 5 stars by Andy4homes
This is awesome. I really needed this for my daughter 5 years ago and will use it for my son. Bravo!

Data Fan – 4 stars by Ethan R. Scott
Great App, a lot of data available

Parent of a recent graduate! – 4 stars by Karen TWIBLE
Love this app. Would have been so helpful when my daughter was looking around! Xoxo

Get your prospective college student involved – 4 stars by Mary loves it
Getting your prospective college student engaged can sometimes be difficult. It’s time for them to take charge but they hang back, waiting to sit in the back seat and be driven to colleges of your choice. Don’t let it happen. They need choose, use their own executive function. This app can help. It gives a heads-up on interviews, tours, and leaves a space for notes where your student can enter observations about each school visited. That really helps when you are finally sending in those applications and your student needs to select his/her top choices. Good luck!

Excellent App – 5 stars by Leo Bahar
Excellent app. Very helpful with managing the hectic and confusing task of planning college visits.

Thank you – 5 stars by grateful mom2
My son used this app to plan his first college visits. Given the distances between the schools we visited we happily arrived at each visit on time. Also my son fortunately was reminded to schedule interviews to two of the schools that he had neglected to know about when using the college website. Using quad2quad made visit planning much easier for us than the college trip I took with my older child three years ago.

Exactly what I needed – 5 stars by gmarcus
The app is making my life so much easier. I am taking my niece for her campus visits this summer. The Quad2Quad app has been great since we have the whole trip in one place. Their recommendations for the local hangout have been really good. The app saved us some headaches by letting us know that we had to call to register for parking at the last college we visited. The app is perfect for visiting colleges.

College visits will never be the same – 5 stars by Jones&Jones
Wow extremely helpful app for college visits. Was more on top of things than anyone else

Amazing Data – 5 stars by SusieQL
Such a relief to have all this data. So easy to find. Particularly the parking. New schools and expanded itineraries are a big help in increasing usefulness of app.